There are so many avenues that you can take to begin a "whole-istic' lifestyle and as I've found out myself, it's a journey that is ever evolving. All the services that I offer are an extension of the core elements of a healthy, whole and balanced lifestyle that I am both passionate about and have the expertise to teach you how to use them and incorporate them into your own life too. 
I'm a dedicated advocate of all the services I offer and feel that through my own personal experience, and thirst for both new and old methodologies, I can tailor each service to suit you as an individual, giving you the physical support and the personal education you need to cultivate a lifestyle that continues to develop on your own.  
My services are far from a fleeting hour spent trying to rejuvenate you in compensation of daily stresses and strains, and more about how I can build the relationship between you and a 'Whole-istic' life so that it is one that flourishes in every moment, not just the ones spent with me.
I'm so excited and honoured to be part of your 'Whole-istic' lifestyle journey. 



Image by Scott Webb

Wellness Coaching & support encompasses a multitude of components, tailored to your individual needs to help you on your way to wellness. 


We will use any one or combination of the following as part of your personal plan:

  • Basic Nutrition Principles

  • Using Food as Medicine

  • PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology) the connection of stress to physical ailments

  • Meditation principles and benefits

  • Mindset shifting, mindfulness, affirmations, visualisation

  • The importance of movement of the body

  • Using a Holistic Health Toolkit (nature to heal)

  • Living low tox and the impact that chemicals and toxins have on our body physcial and emotionally

  • Creating lasting Self Care Plans

Through structured conversations, we can dive into all your concerns within the different areas of your life and start making small steps to permanent change.


Image by Christin Hume

The Aromatouch technique is a gentle application of the outlined essential oils below, using specific techniques that work with the energy and flow of the body from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.   Each essential oil in the AromaTouch Technique was selected for its individual aromatic properties, and for their powerful aromatic properties when combined. 

Balance (Grounding Blend) and Lavender - For calming

Tea Tree and Onguard (Protective Blend) - For Immune system support

Aromatouch (Massage Blend) and Ice Blue (Athletic blend) - For anti-inflammatory and Tension Relief

Peppermint and Wild Orange - For balancing equlilibrium and mood enhancing


Image by Kelly Sikkema

Essential oils (EO) are a staple in any naturally conscious household and they are a huge part of those who want to be physically & emotionally well too. With so many EOs available these days, it can be overwhelming as where to start. I help introduce EO use as an easy daily practice. I educate on the endless benefits and uses of EOs and love the community of oil lovers that has evolved and the sharing that goes on.
I can show you 1:1 or you can join one of the popular workshops / classes that I hold regularly at the Whole-istic Life premises.