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Why everybody should be using Natural Deordorants!

Most of us highly depend on deodorant and rely on it to get us through the day sweat and stink free!

But regular deodorants and antiperspirants come with pit-falls! (Yes pun intended 😉)  Ranging from skin irritations, health risks and even making your sweaty pits worse!!

You also find an ingredient called Aluminium in most over the counter, chemically based antiperspirants, which has been linked to  increasing risk of cancer. This is especially alarming for women, using these types of products under the armpit, so close to the breast and lymph nodes!

Want to know a secret? The human body is SUPPOSE TO SWEAT!  I know it may sound gross but sweating is our bodies way of regulating temperature and releasing toxins.  Antiperspirants and chemical-ladened deodorants work by clogging up the pores and not allowing toxins or sweat to be released... meaning that your body can’t do what it’s naturally suppose to do!  And the smell you ask? Our sweat doesn’t actually smell, it’s just a mix of water and salt that’s excreted through the skin. The smell is created when our sweat comes into contact with the natural bacteria that lives on our skin, this reaction can be easily changed by using natural deodorants. 

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