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Meet Britt Barlow

Holistic Health Specialist

Hi, I'm Britt Barlow, 
Like so many women I meet through this incredible journey, I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and everything I need to be in-between, to cope with whatever life decides to throw my way. 
My holistic health journey has come from my own self discovery, knowing there had to be a better way to nurture my body, my emotions and my family.


Having lost my mother to early onset dementia and living life never truly feeling 'well', I went searching for more solutions and found a whole treasure trove of tools and ways that now, I am so gratefully passing on to others. 

There is no magic pill to create wellbeing, and it is an individual journey. I believe in a Whole-istic approach. One that encompasses mindset, nutrition, movement, low tox living, natural remedies and a balanced lifestyle, so that the 'Whole' you is living your best life possible!


Why Whole Living?

What I can help with

Food Choices

Create a 'simple switch' process of good with bad food choices and increase your wellbeing with food as your fuel. 

Lack of Energy

Pinpointing the true cause of your lack of energy and implementing manageable actions to increase motivation levels again.

Personal Support

I'm here to fully support your journey to 'Whole-istic' living as an individual with unique, personal needs. 

Creating a Positive Lifestyle

Implementing positive changes to all areas of your life & create daily habits to ensure you have continued success.

Anxiety & Overwhelm

Be fully supported while we find your triggers, work on mindset shifting & eliminate unnecessary stress factors

Chemical Free Living

Identify the biggest contributing factors of chemical overload in your body & make simple, effective switches to detoxify your life

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"Britt is very dedicated, caring, understanding, professional and judgement free.
Britt turned my life around giving expert advice, strategies, mindset techniques and healthier life style.
Ever so grateful x



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Britt is beautifully passionate about every aspect of health & wellbeing. She has a wealth of knowledge which she delivers so effortlessly and every question is answered for you as the individual! If your looking to be inspired to make a change and learn how to live a happy healthy life, make sure you see Britt!! 

"As Britt’s Coach I have seen firsthand her passion and commitment towards helping other people live happier and healthier lives. The vision she has for making a positive impact on people’s lives is inspiring.




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